Demo mode is not available for our EXs Libraries


We provide a 50% discount for a second Kronos licence under the same owner !

We are the only developer team that personalize customer's PCG according to their Kronos Set status !

Libraries are distributed with 2 PCG for Kronos versions 1/X and 2 , extra personalized PCG files will be
send to customers with updated or redirect Program Banks according to their free Banks.

Get today a discount of 100 - 150 euros purchasing one of the following WavesArt EXs Bundles

The bellow bundles are not standalone distributions , you will download and install each one EXs separately !
The only that changes is the global PCG & KSC management in different banks and one summary payment with the relative discount that is provided for each bundle , so for any futher question contact with us !

New Cinematic Bundle of 10 Gb
- Cinematic Suite flagship
- Brass & Vocals Suite 2
- Guitars Suite
- Cinematic Grand piano , Japanese Grand of Pianos Suite ( priced at 94 euros )

Ram requirements : 1304 Mb for streaming from disk
- Single PCG & KSC files that revert factory resources to Kronos X status with all Combis working properly
- 5 Program Banks , 4 Combinations
- 100 euros discount of overall EXs cost (1164-100 = 1064 euros)

New WavesArt Platinum Bundle of 17 Gb
Full WavesArt International Premium contents
- Cinematic Suite flagship
- Brass & Vocals Suite 2
- Pianos Suite 2
- Legend Synths Suite

- Guitars Suite
- ElectroAcoustic Suite
- Vintage Keyboards Suite
- Studio Drums
The absolute sound experience that a hardware workstation can provide ...
Ram requirements : 1902 Mb for streaming from disk of 17Gb Library
- Single PCG & KSC files without any factory EXs loaded (preload.KSC unchecked)
- 10 Program Banks U-E up to U-GG , 7 Combinations U-A up to U-GG
- Loading back Kronos Preload.KSC & Your.PCG you get back your older setup
- 150 euros discount of overall EXs cost (1954-150=1804 euros)

Classic 5 EXs Suites Bundle (above 5 grouped EXs Libraries)
WavesArt  EXs Bundle , has been precisely  designed , all to fit  in Kronos 1&X
3 Gb Ram with factory Preload.KSC file loaded , even in the old  30 GB Kronos SSD !
- 100 euros discount of overall EXs cost (1160-100 = 1060 euros)
Kronos 2 users that will purchase this Suites Bundle and they want all to be settled in the
same PCG & KSC setup , they must unload Berlin piano from Preload.KSC since there is not
enough Ram space and free Program Banks (only 5 free Banks by default) , in any other case ,
multiple PCG & KSC setups will be used as with other commercial EXs.








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